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Aspire is recognized as a leader in providing bold, pioneering and uncompromising services to 1,000 kids and adults with developmental disabilities such as autism, Down syndrome and cerebral palsy, their families and the Chicagoland community each year through three enterprises: Aspire Kids, Aspire Living and Aspire Careers.

Here’s how we help:

Aspire Kids provides therapies for kids with disabilities, as well as family support, and has become a key consultant to schools that want to create inclusive classrooms. Learn more here or call 708.236.0979 or email kids@aspirechicago.com.

Aspire Living offers community living opportunities and skill building for adults with disabilities, helping to achieve independence. Learn more here or call 708.547.3560 or email living@aspirechicago.com.

Aspire Careers offers job training and job placement in various industries for adults and young adults with disabilities and works with businesses to create inclusive workplaces. Learn more here or call 708.547.3560, ext. 3571 or email careers@aspirechicago.com.

We look forward to working together with you and creating a community where people of all abilities live, learn and grow together.

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