Family Enrichment

Our family-centered approach is designed to support, encourage and nurture everyone in the family in an effort to help everyone thrive.

By empowering you, and other family members, you and your child can take meaningful strides toward building the brightest future possible. From opportunities to learn more about your child’s disability to future planning to parent support groups, here are a few of our supplemental support offerings:

Parent-Child Groups offer children and their parents a chance to interact with other kids and parents in a social setting while enhancing their social, emotional, motor and speech development. In these groups, children build development skills and families socialize with others in similar situations, gain informal support and hopefully, make new friends.

Parent Education and Support Groups provide families with information related to issues that encompass the needs of children with developmental disabilities. They’re also a great opportunity for families to meet and enjoy the company of other families with similar experiences.

Sibling Support Groups reflect a belief that siblings have much to offer one another—if they are given a chance. Workshops give siblings of children with disabilities the chance to get peer support and education through a spirited mix of unique games and discussion activities in a relaxed, non-clinical setting.

Summer Camps provide one-of-a-kind opportunities for kids to continue learning and building skills along side their peers. Fun and dynamic, activities focus on art, handwriting and literacy. The staff gets kids stretching their imagination, strengthening muscles and expressing their creativity along the way.

Vision Clinic provides parents and therapists with an opportunity to meet with an optometrist and learn techniques and activities that will help the child use his/her vision in a more functional manner, and how to incorporate those techniques and activities into the child’s daily routine and into the course of therapy.

Ortho Clinic provides an opportunity for families to consult with a physician and their child’s therapist about concerns they may have related to their child’s overall development and possible equipment needs such as braces, walkers or wheelchairs.