Marcia Gordon


Marcia Gordon
VP for Careers at Aspire


As Vice President for Careers at Aspire, Marcia leads Aspire’s Careers team in collaborating with community partners to create inclusive employment opportunities for people of all abilities.

The Careers team, a dynamic group of creators and doers, focuses on building mutually beneficial partnerships and mentoring companies and corporations in employing people with disabilities while at the same time preparing adults with disabilities for career opportunities.

By encouraging outside-of-the-box thinking, Marcia’s team launched a groundbreaking job training program, called Aspire CareerLink, which teaches adults of all ages the skills they need in order to gain and be successful in a retail or warehouse job. In September 2015, Aspire CareerLink was honored as a Chicago Innovation Awards Top 100 Finalist out of 535 nominees.

Marcia sees her most important responsibility as opening doors to employment opportunities, community connections and relationships that result from having a job in order to redefine what’s possible for people with disabilities and their futures.

Before joining Aspire, Marcia supported children and adults with intellectual disabilities in pursuing recreational and educational opportunities.

What do you enjoy most about working at Aspire? Seeing and hearing firsthand the positive outcomes that individuals, families, employers and the community experience when someone with a disability is successfully included in day-to-day life.

What’s something people may not know about you? A flatlander like me hiked to the top of a 14,000 foot mountain peak – a last minute, “ok let’s do it” decision – and survived!

How do you stay motivated? By accomplishing a goal, finding time to have fun with family and friends, and staying active.

How do you take your coffee? Heavy on the cream, light on the (Aspire CoffeeWorks) coffee!

Describe Aspire’s culture in three hashtags. #collaboration #gamechanger #impactdriven