Bill Dwyer


Bill Dwyer
VP of Aspire Living


As Vice President of Aspire Living, Bill manages and leads Aspire’s Living enterprise, which includes the Life Enrichment Team, Clinical Team, Community Homes Team and Independent Living Team.

Bill’s psychology background gives him a unique understanding of the importance of communication and understanding in the success of the people Aspire serves. His goal for each participant at Aspire is to experience all life has to offer and find their sustainable purpose through strengths and talents.

Bill encourages his team to innovate and be creative in meeting the goals of the people that Aspire serves. That philosophy led his team to launch “Life On My Own,” one of the first programs in the country in which once completed, adults with disabilities live a completely independent lifestyle.

Before joining Aspire, Bill held executive positions at at-risk youth organizations and owned a private practice facilitating marriage and family therapy.

What is your key strategic goal for your role at Aspire? To develop a sustainable enterprise that’s able to meet individuals’ goals in new, challenging and rewarding ways.

What’s your biggest challenge? Our biggest challenge at Aspire Living is helping families understand and accept that their child can handle making mistakes and struggling a little bit in order to reach independence or a new milestone.

What’s something people may not know about you? I am dyslexic and proud of it! It has given me many positive abilities.

All-time favorite movie – and why? Two favorite movies – One is Papillon with Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman, and the other is Watership Down. Both are interesting ways to see life and success.

In my spare time, I coach little league baseball, soccer and basketball, and I teach Sunday school to 8th graders.

Describe Aspire’s culture in three hashtags. #innovative #wearedifferent #collaboration